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Mayar Food Company

Hall: Hall 1 Stand: S-102
A valuable experience well-established in history, which was initiated by Sheikh Abdul-Qader Al-Muhaidib in 1946 AD. We are starting invested in the food industry over the past decades. Today, Mayar company officially wears a modern suit in harmony with its great historical legacy, acquires more than a quarter of the Saudi market in the rice segment, and has 12 branches across the Kingdom.


Salman Al Farisi Street Dammam, Eastern
Eastern, Dammam, Saudi Arabia, 31413
Saudi Arabia


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  • White rice with Egyptian grain, cropped from the best farms around the world, grade A. Tap into your inner chef to create colorful, creative, and rich dishes with White Swan rice.
  • AlAila fortified rice presents a solution to enhance your family's health with every meal, providing them with the vitamins and minerals they lack. AlAila fortified is not only nutritious but also delicious. It has the same taste, texture, and aroma ...
  • AlWalimah is recognised as the most superior type of Indian Mazza rice. A grade ‘A’ Basmati Sella Rice, Walimah’s sweet aroma distinguishes the grain from other rice varieties.
  • This pearly white, smooth, and extra-long grain of rice is in a category all of its own. Celebrated for its delicious taste, Punjabi Al Muhaidib grains expand to more than double their length when cooked and maintain complete separation. This rice wi ...
  • Acknowledged as the finest of all Basmati rice, Al Aila Rice is grown in the Punjab region of India. Discernible for its aromatic quality, this rice doubles in length, becomes firmer, and separates during the cooking process – all marks of a perfect ...
  • The breakthrough innovation, AlWalimah Sauces, is everything you need to prepare your favorite Saudi dishes in one jar. Skip the chopping and all the hassle; AlWalimah’s array of 300g liquid sauces for Kabsa, Biryani, Mandi, and more will be your par ...
  • إمكانك الإستمتاع برحلة ميارين الأغذية من لحظة زراعة حبة الأرز وحتى تقديمها على المائدة في أبهى شكل وأشهى طعم ميار الأغذية : الشركة الرائدة بمنتجات الأرز : بنجابي المهيدب ، الوليمة ، العائلة ، وايت سوا ...
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