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Eman  Fallatah

Eman Fallatah

Culinary Director, Nakhati KSA 

Eman is a dynamic leader whose creative genius and passion for mentoring young talent have propelled her to develop a diverse range of successful restaurant concepts in Saudi Arabia. As the heart and soul of Kerten Hospitality's Nakhati brand, she is unwavering in her dedication to crafting exceptional gastronomic experiences for guests, particularly through the art of homemade gelato. Eman's personal journey of hard work and self-teaching has instilled in her a deep understanding of the value of opportunity. Consequently, she actively creates avenues for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women, by providing access to initial funding and various sizes of gelato stores through Nakhati's franchise model. With a belief in the potential for success in every individual, Eman wholeheartedly commits herself to giving back to the community through sharing her knowledge, providing resources, and offering unwavering support. Her leadership exemplifies the transformative power of mentorship and the importance of fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for aspiring culinary professionals.