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Mehmet  Aktash

Mehmet Aktash

Managing Director, Bishop Design

Accumulating over 25 years of experience, 12 of which were spent in the UK working on numerous commercial and residential projects such as the 02 Arena development, the London Olympic park infrastructure, luxury apartments, and penthouses. Also working on a variety of impressive design projects including the renowned SBE hotel brand SLS in Downtown Dubai and the establishment of several boutique resorts and Intercontinental Hotels across the UAE & further MENA region, taking a prominent role in the design process and management for Bishop Design as the Managing Director and project lead.

Spearheading the firm's growth, development and driving force behind numerous pivotal moments for the company; proving a unique business perspective has paved the way to regional and international expansion plans as well as putting Bishop Design at the top of the leaderboard in comparison to competitors through intelligent marketing and business development strategies. With a natural eye for spotting top talent, Mehmet has helped to build a team of highly-skilled individuals who continue to excel year after year to provide clients with the best results. Last year Mehmet was invited to become an advisory board member of Canadian University in Dubai, not only a credit to himself but a testament to how devoted Bishop Design are to shaping the future of design, not just through the projects they create, but the knowledge and experience they bestow on future designers. 





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