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Mira El Ghaziri

Mira El Ghaziri

Managing Director, HealthyPath

Mira is the Managing Director at HealthyPath, a nutrition policy and food sustainability consultancy firm which supports organizations to effectively address health and food sustainability challenges. She advises on food innovations in line with health and food sustainability as well as policies and partnerships that guide organizations toward healthy, sustainable food systems. 

She is also the MENA Ambassador for Thought for Food, a renowned global NGO and an accelerator of food system transformation by working with different stakeholders to introduce and scale up the next-gen of agri-food tech innovations.

Before that, she held different roles in multinational food companies where she led nutrition strategies for healthier innovations, forged impactful partnerships with governmental entities, and orchestrated the development of public health pledges with the private sector around diverse topics such as responsible marketing to children, food reformulation and labeling.

She holds:

  • Master’s degree in Global Health Policy - London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
  • Certificate in food system sustainability – European Institute for Innovation in Sustainability
  • Master’s degree in Nutrition- University of Glasgow