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Valeria Krynetskaya

Valeria Krynetskaya

Head of Plant-Based Venture, THRYVE™, IFFCO

Valeria Krynetskaya leads THRYVE™, the 100% Plant-Based Venture of IFFCO Group, with a rich background of over 20 years in building growth strategies and driving sustainable innovation in prominent F&B multinationals. Over the past seven years, Valeria has dedicated her efforts to unlocking the transformative power of plant-based food. In 2021, she joined IFFCO and played a key role in the establishment of THRYVE™; the first 100% Plant-Based Venture in the region. Valeria's primary focus centers around rediscovering highly nutritious and sustainable crops, transforming them into delectable plant-based foods that are easily accessible and enjoyable in everyday diets. Her passions include exploring the untapped potential of plants, adopting healthy food technologies, and advocating for the well-being of both people and the planet. Valeria's notable achievements also include pioneering the first GCC Life Cycle Assessment study, comparing the environmental impacts of animal-based and plant-based food systems throughout their life cycles. She holds a Master degree of Business Administration and Economics from The Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration in Russia.


20y in building strategies and driving sustainable innovation in F&B multinationals. Expertise in plant-based helping launch 1st pure plant-based venture in the GCC.