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30 Apr 2023

Saudi’s NEOM unveils plan to train chefs for 'world's most food self-sufficient city'

Saudi’s NEOM unveils plan to train chefs for 'world's most food self-sufficient city'

Saudi Arabia’s $500 billion mega project NEOM has announced an initiative to inspire and nurture a new generation of Saudi chefs as part of its ambitious goal to become “the world’s most food self-sufficient city”.

NEOM has partnered with ethical food project CARE’s, a global project founded by Italian chefs Norbert Niederkofler and Paolo Ferretti, on a new initiative to ensure the food supply at the Red Sea project is treated responsibly from the planet to the plate.

It falls under NEOM’s ethos to be a “blueprint for tomorrow in which humanity progresses without compromise to the health of the planet” and part of its ambitious plans – in a country which currently imports about 80 percent of its food - to become ”the world’s most food self-sufficient city” by utilizing innovative vertical farming and greenhouses.

NEOM and CARE’s will develop a manifesto for food-industry professionals, outlining the principles for sustainable gastronomy and food security, alongside educational initiatives and content to broaden understanding of healthy eating.

With a commitment to nurturing Saudi talent, the partnership will facilitate training opportunities and chef camps, as well as launch an award series to recognize leading examples of innovation in food systems.

Dr. Juan Carlos Motamayor, executive director of NEOM Food Sector, said the food sector plays an essential role in every economy and the lack of a food security strategy leads to potential national security risks for countries. That translates into a threat to economic growth.

The food sector, he said, is so important for NEOM precisely because it plans to be the “land of the future and a special economic zone”. The ambition, he said, is to demonstrate how regions with challenging environmental conditions can become independent and self-sufficient in terms of food.

“In an era marked by the challenges of climate change and food insecurity, NEOM is committed to developing groundbreaking food solutions, with the support of our industry partners and specialists,” he said. “Working with Norbert and the CARE’s program gives us the opportunity to demonstrate, develop and implement locally adapted modern food practices that both meet the nutritional needs of consumers in NEOM and the Kingdom and preserve our planet.”

NEOM aims to have the first integrated system aiming for food self-sufficiency in a desert environment. In a world facing climate change and water scarcity, Motamayor said it is necessary to prepare communities that currently face or will face extreme temperatures and drought to become food self-sufficient.


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