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  • This is how we are at Frinsa ... everything involving our canned fish and shellfish manufacturing process from Galicia (Spain), inside one of the largest canneries in Spain and Europe ... looking to p ...
  • Fruit harvesting on our plantation
  • Laki company facilities and production in Arilje
  • Laki company products
  • Laki company "First Fruit Organic"
  • Video ITN Group
  • Company Cold Pressok video
  • Company Select Fruit video
  • Sirogojno Company production video
  • Company Drenovac video
  • Corporate video of company Celanova Agro
  • Company Stanic video
  • Corporate video company Yumis
  • Corporate video of company Master Fruits
  • Faster Food production video
  • Corporate video of Dairy factory MLEKARA UB production
  • AEP

    AEP – Associacao Empresarial de Portugal (Portuguese Business Association), Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is a nation-wide business association, based in Oporto. AEP is a private non-profit making ...
  • Company Presentation
  • Broad view about the oldest cannery in the world still in activity since 1853.
  • Broad view about the oldest cannery in the world still in activity since 1853.
  • Phuc Sinh Corp Introduction
  • Today with the sole distribution rights for 35+ brands, 100+ non-exclusive distribution brands, 9 in-house brands and over 25,000 products, SAFCO pride itself for being a leading supply partner to mos ...
  • Craxy Kettle Cooked Chips with 4 rich flavours
  • Fantazee Cheese Rings are tastier rings with real taste of Cheese.
  • Fantazee Cheese Corn Puffs with real taste of cheese.
  • Zeeko Mini Balls are corn snacks products with 4 flavours & very tastier & having huge demand in the Saudi Market.
  • Zeeko Sticks are also corn based products with varieties of flavors.
  • Fantazee Pop Corn are corn products with 2 flavours Cheese & SaltnButter.
  • Laki company premium brand First Fruit
  • IQF Raspberry – varieties Willamette, Meeker, Fertodi Rolend – whole fruit (95%-5%), Whole and broken (50%-50% to 90%-10%) Crumble (standard and yoghurt quality, laser sorted)
  • IQF Blackberry – varieties Cacanska, Thornfree, Loch Ness Rolend – min 95% black Confiture – 80% black, 20% reddish Puree and press quality
  • IQF Sour Cherry – variety Oblacinska Whole fruit – unpitted Whole fruit – pitted Puree and press quality
  • IQF Strawberry – Senga Sengana, mixed varieties Confiture – whole fruits, half cut Calibrated 15-25, 25-35 mm, uncalibrated Puree and press quality
  • IQF Forest Blueberry – variety Vacc. Myrtillus IQF Wild Blueberry – variety Vacc. Angustifolium IQF Cultivated Blueberry – variety Vacc. Corymbosum Whole fruit – laser sorted
  • IQF Plums – varieties Stanley, Cacanska Rodna, Pozegaca Whole fruit – with stone Halves hand cut, calibrated Quarters hand cut, calibrated
  • Roasted coffee, Green bean coffee, Pepper in Jars. We are leading exporters of pepper, coffee, cashew nut, spice from Vietnam. We produce raw material, FMCG products.
  • Primarily IQF raspberries, sour cherry, blackberry, strawberry, plum, blueberry, forest fruits
  • IQF fruits and vegetables No aditives, artificial flavors or preservatives Our standard Smoothie recepies Tailored to specific client request
  • Organic IQF raspberries, sour cherry, blackberry, strawberry, plum, blueberry, forest fruits
  • Made in small batches for gourmet experience. Use them on crapes, muffins, toast, spread it on waffles, add it to porridge, pair it with your favorite cheese or nut butter, or simply enjoy it on its o ...
  • Our nutrient rich nut butters are made by using the technology of slowly grinding 100% pure almonds, walnuts, peanuts and hazelnuts. Weather it’s 100% pure nut butter or mixed with delicate spices and ...
  • Cold Pressok juices are made using the cold press technology: they are 100% raw, natural, with no additives, no preservatives, no sugar added, gluten-free, non-GMO, NON-pasteurised. We apply the most ...
  • Absolutely NO preservatives, sweeteners, emulsifiers or stabilizers like gums, fillers, oils or lecithin. 2 ingredients = NUT + WATER Our milk alternatives are naturally rich and incredibly delicious. ...
  • Bio organic pitted prunes
  • Plum in chocolate
  • Pasteurization is one of the oldest and most reliable types of food preserving. This method ensures the storage of products for a longer period of time without the addition of any additives that preve ...
  • Chocolate coated apricot – 120g and 350g
  • HAPPY RAW BALLS prunes and dried apricot with cocoa cream filling
  • Dried cherry and dried fruit cocktail (plum, cherry, pear) bag 200g
  • Super food Granola is slowly baked at a low temperature to bring out its flavor and perfect crunchiness.They contain wholesome ingredients and super food seeds, quinoa, chia, millet, buckwheat, sunflo ...
  • HAPPY RAW BALLS prunes and pumpkin seeds
  • HAPPY RAW BALLS prunes and dates cocoa cream filling
  • Combo dose of prune super soft
  • deep frozen - raspberry (whole, whole and broken, crumble), blackberry, a mix of red berries, blueberry, plum, apricots, strawberry, sour cherry, red/black currant; tropical fruit - pineapple, papaya, ...
  • Production of IQF berries conventional and organic: raspberry,blackberry, strawberry, sour cherry, red and black current, plum, apricot, wild blackberry and wild blueberry, mix fruits. Production capa ...
  • Confiture jam – plum, apricot, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, sour cherry, quince and fruit mix Confiture capacities: 4000jars (300g)/hour.
  • Raspberry Whole 95-5 2,5kg bag
  • Frozen puree
  • Crumble 2,5kg
  • Truffle sauce is a mixture of mushrooms, black summer truffles and olives, which will add a touch of elegance to your everyday dish.
  • An ideal substitute for fresh truffles - canned in its own juice. Ingredients: Black truffles (tuber aestivum) , water, salt, aroma.
  • Acacia honey with white truffles
  • An ideal combination of a traditional Serbian product with pieces of black truffle.
  • Six pralines, three different flavors, elegant packaging. Perfection.
  • Extra virgin olive oil combined with black truffle will enrich your every dish and give it fullness of taste and aroma.
  • Combining one of the most famous Italian ingredients and Serbian truffles, we have created a product for you that will transform each of your dishes into a wonderful experience.
  • White, milk and dark chocolate with black truffle
  • Carefully selected and chopped black or white truffles topped with olive oil are excellent as an addition to any dish.
  • Fresh apples varieties -Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Idared,Red Delicious, Braeburn,Gloster, Gala, Jonagold, Mucu
  • Made by slowly replacing the water in the frozen fruit with sugar or other natural sweeteners. The result is moist, shelf-stable fruit which retains its natural color, texture, real fruit flavor and p ...
  • The term freeze-dried referrs to the process of removal of water from solidly frozen fruit under a vaccum. In the area of freeze-dried fruit Sirogojno Co. is currently offering raspberry, sour cherry ...
  • As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, Sirogojno Co. has recently expanded its product offer by introducing frozen vegetables. ue to limited quantities this program is currently ...
  • Chocolate-coated freeze dried fruits are the product of an extraordinary harmonious taste which is obtained from two raw materials: The freeze dried fruits and Belgian high-quality milk chocolate. Car ...
  • Soups are produced according to their own recipes and in accordance with the highest international standards in the food industry.
  • Popcorn for microwave
  • YUMIS cream in a whipped cream or cream cream cream – which is a combination of white cream that keeps the shape and moderate sweets, suitable for cake and cake filling, for fruit salads. The creamy c ...
  • A quick treat with the taste of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate has recently been enriched with a new taste of vanilla with the addition of lemon-vanilla fresh. Produced without colorful colors, in ...
  • YUMIS soup is rich in clear meat soups, vegetable soups, soups with dumplings. Soups are produced according to their own recipes and in accordance with the highest international standards in the food ...
  • Eco-rank supplement with meals with vegetables. The addition of the dish makes it complete, it is used for the preparation of traditional dishes, equally in the modern kitchen. It contains a combinati ...

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